Today is my birthday!!

guys its my 13th bday today...
and I have again started to wait for my next bday!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Your Nightingale life by ME!!!

From Morn till night
Be calm delight..

Let the heavens breeze
May wind roars above seas...

Let the frost flakes feast
Be the river on its seat...

May pleasured with the orchid's white
And many ever load be light..

May it happen in fall
That the trees come up with a crawl..

But my dear nightingale..
Live your life
to the fullest
till the day
your heart don't resist :)

Written by Pallavi Samodia

I wrote this poem for my sister on her birthday.. She is really very dear to me and I love her a lot..And surely these pics are of my sister!! love her!

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