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guys its my 13th bday today...
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why a boy n not a girl????

Well this is a topic with which every women especially INDIAN WOMEN would surely agree. Let me just mention the what people think usually...
a boy is gifted a car whereas a girl with a doll.....u maybe saying that it depends on choices....but no it is just indirectly telling the future.....they say that indian women does not work....but if measured...women do much more physical job as compared to men...they say women are only gud at painting, stitching, drawing, cooking n all the stuff! whereas men at maths, technical related stuff etc..
The conditions are worse let me tell u...
If a boy cooks..then people's expression is.."Hey look that guy is cooking!" n after this either people would b laughing or b shocked..
Adding to it..maybe the oldies say."kid what r u doing!! If u cook then whose gonna earn..There r so many people in the house..what r they for!! Come on let them cook for u!! Men don't work!!"

Seems really ridiculous..

OK did u ever thought about that why is it only important for women to fast for their husband's long life..I dint said that boys don't do ..but its not compulsory for them at least!
This was just some rules kinda made by our ancestors!!

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