Today is my birthday!!

guys its my 13th bday today...
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Manali - Rohtang trip...A Suprise PAckaged!!

"Always plan for ur future and ur life will have a gr8 time" I heard this quote not only somewhere but everywhere and from everyone!!! But believe me or not..u ll also love things if they are unplanned and can have a great time too

Biggest example for this was my vacation to Chandigarh-Manali-Rohtang !! We never thought that things will turn so much different for our UNPLANNED plan!! don't worry I havent gone mad when I say an unplanned plan..its actually the first we went out for a vacation when we had no idea about the new city or we dint booked any hotels and all. We dint evn decided for how long will our vacation last!!! We just decided that after our train reaches Chandigarh early morning..we ll look for some good hotel around..take a bath and breakfast and then set out for Dharamshala (a hill station in Himachal Pradesh about which I never heard before) ..

But as everyone says unplanned thing never goes right way..The train that was supposed to reach Chandigarh at 6 am but reached at 10am. So we were all just having some time in the train itself...when a guy who was a habitat of Chandigarh only woke up..And somehow a tic-tac between my father and him dad told him about us plan..And then he advised us that we should go to Pinjore Gardens and then after watching Chandigarh that day and then the next morning we can set out for Manali...n from there we can go for teh snowy hills of Rohtang and that too in the month of June!!!!!! And ofcourse I had never seen snow before so ofcourse we became really very excited...N that guy even made arrangements for a taxi...

So we went to Pinjore!! We had an awesome suite at Pinjore Gardens!! Tasty Punjabi Food n ofcourse sightseeing at Rock Gardens made our day!!

Wrote enough so I ll write the rest next time!! till that bye guys!!
I ll soon post the video for it!! :)

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