Today is my birthday!!

guys its my 13th bday today...
and I have again started to wait for my next bday!

Monday, November 30, 2009


When I was first selected for it I thought that I ll b in the midst of the most creative people which I guess was totally wrong..But I dint realized this fact at the competition spot but on the final selection day! Even from my own group I found som people who were there for just some slutty purposes!!Undoubtedly I m not gonna say that I wasn't there for fun ..I mean it was supposed to b for people who are interested in this digital world n have passion to work n discover new things about it!! but I suppose it wasnt like that at all!!! I have much more to say about it all but anyways let me keep this with me only and b happy with the fact that my first school trip went so successful and awesome!!! N guys dont think that I m mentioning anyone particularly or I m showing off that I m the best..NOT AT ALL ....but u see ur blog is like ur diary so I m just filling it all!! CLick on the link below to some moments!! sorry cant describe all the expierience ...quiet large!!

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