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Friday, November 27, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

Born in 58,
Famous at 5,
Singing, dancing on the stage,
But in the innocent eyes no one could see the pain,
Neither playing, nor studying,
Working hard and hard every time,
The feeling of loosing his childhood,
No one could see the pain behind the innocent smile.

Working hard and hard,
From Indiana to L.A.
With his brothers,
Singing, dancing everywhere.

Went alone after 15,
With off the wall.
Amazed everyone with his spectacular moonwalk,
Became the King Of Pop.

Got fire in his hair
During a commercial,
In ambulance to the hospital,
Still smiling with the pain. (The King of Pop!)

The news of bleaching his skin white,
Flowed throughout the World,
Except all the pains hidden behind,
Smiling like nothing happened.

Sung songs of reality,
People could not stand it,
Accused as a childish act.

Accusation, speculation,
Everywhere allegations.
Dirty people, dirty media,
Always doing defamation.

Pay for being a legend,
Give your love,
Pay your knowledge,
Give everything,
Take nothing.

Love the world,
Get respect and hatred

Concealed himself,
Wanted to come back.

Not given a chance to,
Gone away from this world.
Now resting in peace in heaven,
Far away from this world.
Now we realize what a gift he was,
An angel sent from heaven,
To Heal the World,
No body like him,
Would ever be born.

Hope he would now,
Rest in peace……

Written by Divita Godha (my best friend and a great michael jackson fan)

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  1. its an amazing thought written down in ink.. it expresses all the unsaid truths of life of that wonder filled beautiful human. R.I.P MICHAEL JACKSON

    well written divita!! and very thoughtful of you pallavi!!
    love u more


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