Today is my birthday!!

guys its my 13th bday today...
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Friday, August 5, 2011

For the past few months, barring the ipl, television viewers were starved of entertaiinment on the idiot boxx. so when the do-gooders anna hazare and demigod ramdev came into scene with their protest fans, the media discovered that seemingly insipid stuff could be turned ino full fledge farce

hazare, the bespectatled gandhian in plain, white kurta, donning the traditional white cap on his forehead is indistinguishable from any ordianry villager until he introduces his mighty name. his USP is sinceritiy and lacks any political ambition
On the other hand is Baba Ramdev, the brash, outspoken n authorative firebrand yogi in a women's clothing. his war against black money landed him in a hospital only after a few days of fast.

but have these fasting guys have been to any use.
Over that they explain that they are going on the path showwed them my Gandhiji, the mighty paa of the nation. Mahatmaa Gandhi's fast went on for weeks and was not just a weekend affair.

Janata Dal (United) president Sharad Yadav on Thursday said fasts should not be used to press for popular demands for, the fasting personality would come to the forefront while core issues get relegated to the background.

For Indian urban middle class who have variety of foods, cuisine from all parts of the world, a vast list of snacks and numerous drinks, fasting is beyond conception or imagination or experience. If a person undertakes a fast, he becomes a hero for he does something that urban elites cannot do. Now, another guru Ramdev has scheduled indefinite fasting in the month of June. His agenda is also similar, to eradicate corruption and bring back Black Money stacked in various countries around the world. He has a noble desire to use that money equally allotted for each district in India. However, he is not clear how he would implement such mammoth plan, when the delivery apparatus, the Indian bureaucracy is corrupt. 

1) Literacy: Over 30 per cent of Indian population is illiterate. An army of one crore volunteers can teach 10 people to read and write or become functionally literate. It may take three months. That means within three months the volunteers of Ramdev could make 10 crore (100 million) people literate. If they repeat it three times, 30 crore illiterate Indian could become literate within one year time. Instead of teaching yoga to villagers, Ramdev volunteers could make India literate nation. With literacy comes hygiene, awareness of rights and poor people cannot be cheated and they need not pay bribes. 

2) Sex ratio: Let Ramdev advise and ask his one crore volunteers to take an oath against discrimination of girl child. They should decide not to do sex determination tests or abort girl child or commit infanticide of girl child. This would be a great service to our nation.

3) Dowry: Another social evil is dowry that batters young brides and many of them are burnt alive throughout the country. Let the volunteers of Ramdev take an oath not to receive or give dowry. It is a known fact that dowry transaction happens in cash which is mostly black money. 

4) Tax evasion: India has the greatest number of tax evaders or search loop holes in the law and pay less tax. A good example is Sachin Tendulkar who claimed himself as ‘Actor’ instead of ‘cricketer’ and paid less tax. He saved Rs. 2 crore but the country lost Rs. 2 crore. Guru Ramdev could urge his huge followers to honestly, willingly and joyfully pay the taxes that is due. 

) Political parties: Guru Ramdev could request his lawyer followers to file a case in the Supreme Court for making it mandatory for all registered political parties to have accounts that are audited every year. It should become a public document. 

7) Public Distribution System: Tonnes of grains are rotting or burnt or eaten by rats in Food Corporation of India godowns. The storage facilities are insufficient or inadequate. The Government gives an excuse that it does not have facilities to distribute the grains as it is expensive to transport those grains to needy areas. Guru Ramdev could challenge his volunteers to take responsibility to transport these grains and distribute through PDS. 

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Manali - Rohtang trip...A Suprise PAckaged!!

"Always plan for ur future and ur life will have a gr8 time" I heard this quote not only somewhere but everywhere and from everyone!!! But believe me or not..u ll also love things if they are unplanned and can have a great time too

Biggest example for this was my vacation to Chandigarh-Manali-Rohtang !! We never thought that things will turn so much different for our UNPLANNED plan!! don't worry I havent gone mad when I say an unplanned plan..its actually the first we went out for a vacation when we had no idea about the new city or we dint booked any hotels and all. We dint evn decided for how long will our vacation last!!! We just decided that after our train reaches Chandigarh early morning..we ll look for some good hotel around..take a bath and breakfast and then set out for Dharamshala (a hill station in Himachal Pradesh about which I never heard before) ..

But as everyone says unplanned thing never goes right way..The train that was supposed to reach Chandigarh at 6 am but reached at 10am. So we were all just having some time in the train itself...when a guy who was a habitat of Chandigarh only woke up..And somehow a tic-tac between my father and him dad told him about us plan..And then he advised us that we should go to Pinjore Gardens and then after watching Chandigarh that day and then the next morning we can set out for Manali...n from there we can go for teh snowy hills of Rohtang and that too in the month of June!!!!!! And ofcourse I had never seen snow before so ofcourse we became really very excited...N that guy even made arrangements for a taxi...

So we went to Pinjore!! We had an awesome suite at Pinjore Gardens!! Tasty Punjabi Food n ofcourse sightseeing at Rock Gardens made our day!!

Wrote enough so I ll write the rest next time!! till that bye guys!!
I ll soon post the video for it!! :)

Monday, November 30, 2009


When I was first selected for it I thought that I ll b in the midst of the most creative people which I guess was totally wrong..But I dint realized this fact at the competition spot but on the final selection day! Even from my own group I found som people who were there for just some slutty purposes!!Undoubtedly I m not gonna say that I wasn't there for fun ..I mean it was supposed to b for people who are interested in this digital world n have passion to work n discover new things about it!! but I suppose it wasnt like that at all!!! I have much more to say about it all but anyways let me keep this with me only and b happy with the fact that my first school trip went so successful and awesome!!! N guys dont think that I m mentioning anyone particularly or I m showing off that I m the best..NOT AT ALL ....but u see ur blog is like ur diary so I m just filling it all!! CLick on the link below to some moments!! sorry cant describe all the expierience ...quiet large!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Your Nightingale life by ME!!!

From Morn till night
Be calm delight..

Let the heavens breeze
May wind roars above seas...

Let the frost flakes feast
Be the river on its seat...

May pleasured with the orchid's white
And many ever load be light..

May it happen in fall
That the trees come up with a crawl..

But my dear nightingale..
Live your life
to the fullest
till the day
your heart don't resist :)

Written by Pallavi Samodia

I wrote this poem for my sister on her birthday.. She is really very dear to me and I love her a lot..And surely these pics are of my sister!! love her!

Tribute to Michael Jackson

Born in 58,
Famous at 5,
Singing, dancing on the stage,
But in the innocent eyes no one could see the pain,
Neither playing, nor studying,
Working hard and hard every time,
The feeling of loosing his childhood,
No one could see the pain behind the innocent smile.

Working hard and hard,
From Indiana to L.A.
With his brothers,
Singing, dancing everywhere.

Went alone after 15,
With off the wall.
Amazed everyone with his spectacular moonwalk,
Became the King Of Pop.

Got fire in his hair
During a commercial,
In ambulance to the hospital,
Still smiling with the pain. (The King of Pop!)

The news of bleaching his skin white,
Flowed throughout the World,
Except all the pains hidden behind,
Smiling like nothing happened.

Sung songs of reality,
People could not stand it,
Accused as a childish act.

Accusation, speculation,
Everywhere allegations.
Dirty people, dirty media,
Always doing defamation.

Pay for being a legend,
Give your love,
Pay your knowledge,
Give everything,
Take nothing.

Love the world,
Get respect and hatred

Concealed himself,
Wanted to come back.

Not given a chance to,
Gone away from this world.
Now resting in peace in heaven,
Far away from this world.
Now we realize what a gift he was,
An angel sent from heaven,
To Heal the World,
No body like him,
Would ever be born.

Hope he would now,
Rest in peace……

Written by Divita Godha (my best friend and a great michael jackson fan)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why a boy n not a girl????

Well this is a topic with which every women especially INDIAN WOMEN would surely agree. Let me just mention the what people think usually...
a boy is gifted a car whereas a girl with a doll.....u maybe saying that it depends on choices....but no it is just indirectly telling the future.....they say that indian women does not work....but if measured...women do much more physical job as compared to men...they say women are only gud at painting, stitching, drawing, cooking n all the stuff! whereas men at maths, technical related stuff etc..
The conditions are worse let me tell u...
If a boy cooks..then people's expression is.."Hey look that guy is cooking!" n after this either people would b laughing or b shocked..
Adding to it..maybe the oldies say."kid what r u doing!! If u cook then whose gonna earn..There r so many people in the house..what r they for!! Come on let them cook for u!! Men don't work!!"

Seems really ridiculous..

OK did u ever thought about that why is it only important for women to fast for their husband's long life..I dint said that boys don't do ..but its not compulsory for them at least!
This was just some rules kinda made by our ancestors!!

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